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Week 5. Reena (6/6)

and we are done with teaching week!!! time really flew by pretty quickly the past week. now i really have a clearer idea on how to sequence a class and how a class should be.

im really glad i stood out of my comfort zone and be a part of this YTT journey. it’s been one of the hardest and best decisions i’ve made in my life! i can clearly say that i’ve grew a lot stronger physically and mentally and many postures that seems impossible now feels a little more accessible! there are really many alignments that i didn’t know

existed until i learned so much from Jess these past weeks and am so thankful for that now that i can apply what i learn to help people around me as well! i hope i can take this practice outside and help others become better practitioners themselves:)

given the choice i’d still have made the same decision to join YTT. i truly enjoyed every moment of it and all the wonderful people i’ve met in my journey. i’ve learned a lot from everyone and especially Jess who so patiently guided us throughout this period. yoga is really more than just being able to do cool poses and take cool pictures but to me, it’s really about being present every moment on the mat, being aware of my body and during meditation, to allow myself to let go of certain things that no longer serves me. yoga is truly from within and being able to finally understand that after my YTT journey is my greatest take away.

this is not the end. i truly believe it’s just the beginning:)