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Week 6: Mid-Way Checkpoint

Jessica reminded us that we were already at the halfway mark of YTT. Time had just flown by too quickly! This post shall be a quick reflection upon my experience in YTT thus far.

As mentioned in my post for Week 4, my ability to so full inhalations have improved greatly when I had a revelation on breathing through my diaphragm. I have also been able to breathe more naturally during yoga flows and pole without reverting back to my natural tendency of holding my breath. Also, knowing how ‘forgetting to breathe’ is potentially a problem when doing something difficult or strenuous, I am actively applying this knowledge when teaching pole classes by reminding my students to breathe through the more physically demanding parts of stretching, conditioning and pole tricks. To their own amusement, they have indeed subconsciously been holding their breaths as well.

Another thing I have come to notice is that I am now finding it easier to do up yoga sequences. Coming up with a sequence at the start of YTT was really nerve wrecking for me as I used to find it so difficult to do. At this point, coming up with a sequence takes between 20-30mins. Understanding what each pose does and what engagement certain peak poses require really made sequencing a lot easier to do. I must acknowledge that I have come a long way in this aspect, and will continue to practice sequencing and expanding my yoga asana dictionary in order to keep improving. Practice does make progress.

200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21