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Week 7: Physical Adjustments and Teaching Proper

This week, we started learning to do physical adjustments by pairing up with our classmates. I am pretty comfortable with doing physical adjustments as this is similar to spotting in pole in general. That said, there is still a major difference.

The main difference for me is that we were only to use 10% of our strength to do the adjustments as our main aim is to GUIDE students into better forms in each pose, and not to manipulate or force their bodies into it as they may end up sustaining injuries. In contrast to this, when we spot and correct students in pole, safety of our students is definitely our utmost priority. Therefore many a times, we do have to exert sufficient strength while spotting students, especially in newer tricks or tricks that they are unstable in, to ensure their safety. This is a difference that I have to consciously bear in mind when doing physical adjustments in yoga.

We also started to walk around while giving cues for sequences in class. Even though I was very comfortable doing this in pole, I still don’t feel comfortable enough to do this well in yoga. While I feel that I have improved from the very first time we gave cues for Sun Salutation in YTT, I am still having some difficulty giving cues without doing the sequences myself. It will take much more practice for me to be able to do this comfortably.

200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21