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Welcome Curiosity!

I believe that curiosity is such an important quality to cherish in life. You know those people you end up sitting next to at a dinner party where you find yourself out of breath due to their lack of curiosity and you needing to blabber mouth on and on to fill the awkward silence? Well, we don’t love that do we?

HENCE – ask more, then you will learn more, otherwise there’s quite a lot of things you will miss out on learning. If anyone asks you a question we seldom shame them and call them stupid, right?

With that being said, we still find ourselves reluctant to ask questions while in a group, not wanting to feel stupid, misunderstood etc.

As yoga is a practice, so is daring to step out of the comfort zone and just bluntly asking whatever you are curious about. During the first week of YTT I’ve gradually let this fear of mine go.