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We’ve only just begun – Kex (6/6)

So I decided to do some HIIT yesterday after teaching my last class. I’ve completely stopped all forms of cardio and weight training with dumbbells since the start of YTT to avoid getting injured.

Immediately, I noticed how light I felt compared to my HIIT days before YTT. All that squeezing of pelvic walls have helped tremendously in my agility. I am now able to jump about with ease and I land much softer compared to before. I was really shocked when I did burpees with little effort. Tucking in the ribs and using the core has become second-nature!

I also gained a lot more stability; one-legged balancing postures have always been my nemesis and I never really felt rooted to the floor, especially when it comes to HIIT/balancing exercises like jumping lunges.

I was AMAZED at what my body has become! On the surface, I actually seemed to have gained a little weight, probably because I was doing less cardio, more body weight training, and I wasn’t controlling my diet. But I realised my core strength has reached a new high. 3 years of high intensity workout and dumbbells training never gave me such strong core. When I had abs I never had such strong core. NEVER. Yoga did it for me.

And it was such a cumulative gain it took me by surprise. The next thing I want to do is to find how to achieve a balance between HIIT and Yoga. The problem is I usually feel really tight after HIIT and it sets back my yoga training. There must be a way to retain this level of strength and flexibility while I get my cardio in!

So yea, this really feels like the beginning of the end of a lifelong journey in Yoga. I came into YTT wanting to deepen my practice, and what I got out from it is way more than I would’ve ever imagined.

It’s eye-opening and life-changing and I couldn’t have asked for better company, better teachers with me throughout this journey.

THANK YOU to my beautiful classmates; for sharing such positive energy with me day in day out, for being so sharing and genuine, for helping me with school work while I was away, for staying back and working on my teaching with me because I needed practice…. How blessed I am to have met all of you beautiful souls.

THANK YOU Jessica and Alexis for providing such a safe and loving environment for us to grow. Without your encouragements, I wouldn’t have believed that I am capable of teaching. But because you first believed in me, in us, that I saw my own potential and soared from there.

Days at Telok Ayer may be over for us, but we’ve only just begun.