What balancing pose gave me #01 #NANA

When I’m in Natarajasana(dancer pose), I gaze in one point with my
both eyes fully opened. I might be looked very scary though, doing
this lets all the distracting thoughts away from my head.

After I learned the drisiti(gazing point) in YTT, I got to be more
aware of the sensation when I’ balancing postures. All the focus is on
to balance up my body, no obstructing thoughts. It’s almost like
meditating in that posture.

I found this state of mind can apply my daily life whenever I need to
concentrate my attention. When I do golf, before swinging a driver, I
inhale deeply and think about that sensation required in balancing
posture. When I surf, the moment catching the wave, the very last
paddling also needs to be in that state.

This is one of the parts that I like to practice yoga.The more aware
my body and thoughts during asanas, the more things to learn from. And
I can apply what I learn from yoga to my life, in general, to make it