What if you fall? What if you fly?

It is quite timely that i was deciding what to write about for my last blog requirement, when i fell from my headstand and had my eureka moment.
(Google eureka)

I had lower back muscle spasm since last week and it had recovered but I still do feel pain in certain angles when bending forward. Since then, i did not dare to use my back much but i tried to keep moving so as the muscle wont be so stiff but it still feels stiff and weak.

I got into my headstand while talking because i was taking a video for my homework. I was giving instructions and was so focused on what to say. I lifted both legs up and felt a sudden lightness and then a bend on my back. It only took a split second to realize I was falling backwards, my legs shoot backwards then I am already lying down with my back flat on the mat.

I had the split second wtf moment while falling.
The surprise here is that I did not feel pain. I was fine. It may have been because i had 2 mat stacked. Or may have been because we took a few hours to learn how to fall in YTT. I may have applied the techniques. Maybe my legs are not going crazy this time. I am not sure. The adrenaline shot was good though.

To backtrack a bit, this is just the 2nd time i fell backwards from my headstand so I didnt see it coming. I fell once from my headstand when i just started yoga. I fell in my own room, not warmed up and with lots of boxes and things around me. And it hurt so bad that i did not dare to get away from the wall since then.

Even now when i can hold my headstand for a minute, i am still too scared to go far from the wall.

Nevertheless, i am reassured that it is ok to fall once in a while and I should not let fear hold me back. Of course there is what we call calculated risk. Safety comes first. xo

#letytt17 6/6