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Val – What Yoga is to me 😊 (1)

Been rather sporty in school and during my twenties – dabbling in canoeing, dance, inline skating, and jumping right into open gym classes when the craze hit Singapore with California Fitness and Planet Fitness entering the scene. But none of these classes and activities seemed to be able to sustain me; I’d do them for a bit but the interest just waned.


Till yoga.


Yoga is simply addictive. Post my foray into my first yoga class in 2004, I found myself wanting to attend more classes, to practice it and desiring to get better and better at it. My take on it (for myself) is that it’s that “learning” that I enjoy – of achieving a pose through practice and awareness, discovering what my body can do and to keep trying the poses that I can’t yet master. And equally important, stemming from vanity, I love the toning and lovely lean muscles that the body builds through this practice.


This learned control, awareness and strength from Yoga provides me with the ability to apply it in pole fitness and other forms of exercise. I heavily rely on the knowledge and body from and built from Yoga to fuel the pole tricks and combos I love executing on the pole.


I’m really glad I chanced on Yoga way back then and I’m extremely grateful to the awesome instructors who’ve touched my life and shaped my practice. Fortunately, this amazing journey doesn’t have an endpoint and will evolve with me as I live. It’s exciting!