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what yoga means to me

Finally, at the grand old age of 29, I’ve begun to pursue my passion for yoga. I hope to TEACH and inspire others to pave their own journey and reap the multitude of benefits yoga has to offer, the way it has for me and in just one week of yoga teacher training, my breadth and depth of understanding what yoga means has really expanded.

You might have heard people describe yoga as a journey. It sounds abstract but what it really means is that there is no end goal or race day, it’s always a work in progress. In any one class, everyone’s practice will be different. You can always push yourself when you’re ready to take on a challenge or you can dial down the intensity on an “off” day. It is never a competition, not even for yourself because the very same sequence can seem harder or easier at any different day. Some days I just can’t find my balance in my “lord of the dance” pose and some days it takes a lot of strength to muster my firefly, but there are also days that I can sail through an entire practice effortlessly…but the journey will always remain one to consistently work towards improvement and a better practice. A journey that you will undertake despite trials and tribulations (i.e. bruises and scrapes or sacrificing time and energy) because of your commitment to the practice.

Yoga= a state of mind
Asanas = the poses that we perform

So my interpretation of yoga means a consciousness to push and challenge yourself, each practice is as much of a mental effort as much as it is a physical one. There are so many asanas and variations to our asanas we can do to push our own limits, but it all begins with the willingness to try, and then try again when we fall.

200H Hatha Vinyasa YTTC
June weekday 2015