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What yoga means to me: Phyllis

I was going through a really difficult time as I felt like I didn’t know who I was. I felt
so lost in the idea of who I am, and I couldn’t even recognize myself anymore. That was
when I found yoga, or rather, yoga found me. Yoga became a compass, a beacon of light in
my life, that began to guide me back home to myself. My yoga practice does not distract me
from the difficulties I’m going through, but rather, guides me to hold space for myself to sit
with and feel my emotions just as they are. For me to say my yoga journey has always been
rainbows and sunshine, would be a big fat lie. There were countless days where it felt like the
darkest nights filled with torrential rain would never end. But even then, my practice taught
me that I could always come back to the home within myself. That my body, my mind, and
my soul is a safe space where I can surrender to the journey that we call life.


In all honesty, I would say I’m a pretty chaotic person. Kind of weird and slightly
crazy as well. And yoga became the silence and stillness I never knew I needed. With yoga, I
started to become more aware of how and where I am restricted in my body, mind, and heart.
My practice taught me to work on releasing these blockages and freeing my energy. I started
to feel more harmonious and at one with myself. I feel more and more aligned with my body,
my mind, and my soul than I have ever been in my life.


Yoga is truly a lifelong journey where I’ll always be a student. I thank my body for
being a vessel filled with enough strength to allow myself to crumble down and yet rise back
up again. I thank my mind for all that I’ve learned and for being open to what I have yet to
learn. And I thank my soul for slowly but surely, learning to feel at home with myself and in
turn, everything else.


200HR YTT Jul’21 Weekend