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What your body tells – Reiko, RYT200

After we learnt about shoulder joints, I tried a few poses like puppy pose.


I always felt discomfort around my shoulders in puppy pose but I didn’t know why. I thought it was just because of stiffness around my shoulders. 


I tried the way we learned : to retract the shoulder blades first, and to extend arms. I didn’t feel any discomfort any more. 


Another interesting session was about the spine. We could spot a lot of differences between right and left as well as individual body uniqueness. It is subtle and almost invisible in most cases. When you do Yoga, it suddenly becomes obvious. You find one side is easier than the other side. 

My body tells me how much time I spent working on my laptop (in not ideal posture), what kind of sports I used to do, how I walk and how I sleep. 


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