WHAT’S FOR LUNCH? (Cherlene 2)

3 weeks have gone by since my first week’s reflection, and we are moving into exams week. It is all too fast, all too soon. I AM NOT READY. Where did all the time go? When I was writing my first post, it felt like I had a massive learning experience but HEY! That was manageable….and now, I AM STILL LOOKING AT MY NOTES AND REFERENCE BOOKS ON THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM AND FEELING MORE LOST THAN EVER. #godhelpme

One month in, we are probably not the same person we were when we walked into TYM at 7.30am for our first class on 2nd October 2017. From polite smiles and calming my nerves while i stretched out on my mat to ‘WELCOME BACK BABE!’ rather excitedly and loudly when one of us returned from her overseas trip.. That is major. One of the most observable change is the fact that the class is starting to get a little noisier and chattier than when we first started. Perhaps it is because of all the motivation we have as we sat down to discuss homework and assignments.. or perhaps, the pastas and cakes from Shop Wonderland. I can’t decide which carries a heavier weight. I enjoy seeing my classmates 5 times a week and look forward to hearing ‘ What’s for lunch?’.

In learning to trust each other, and being in such close proximity to everyone when doing adjustments.. I learn to let go of my wound-up self and learn to just take things as they are (sometimes). While I am still a bit of a control freak in seeking for an A in everything I do, I learn to accept criticism as they come. AND I TAKE THEM VERY SERIOUSLY. Ads I try my best to be a good teacher in time to come, I try to make immediate adjustments if I can. That includes watching (and recording) myself speak, making peeps around me tell me about my speech issues, and creeping up on my rabbits at home (so that my gait is more sure).. and the list just gets weirder as I go on.. BUT, you get my drift.

Within this group of girls, I learned more about myself than I have in the years i spent busting my ass off in the office. Namaste.