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What’s next?

I feel liberated after passing my teaching practical. By now, I am 95% confident that I will
pass and get my 200-hour yoga certification. So, the big question is, what is next??

Getting to sleep in during the weekends once my YTT is completed, is one thing I am looking
forward for. Apart from that, I have gained knowledge on alignments and how to properly
execute various asanas. I am also qualified to teach!!

Looking back at my first class to now, I feel more comfortable in my own skin and am more
confident walking around in my sports attire and crop tops. I find myself having more
endurance and more focused in my own practise. I do not compare myself to other as much,
and becoming stronger and more flexible, is more important than making sure I get into a
peak pose.

I currently have a full-time job as social worker right now. To be honest, even if I would want
to teach yoga full-time, I feel that the job market for yoga teachers is over-saturated. The
competition is so strong – how do you differentiate yourself from the other yoga instructors
who took the risk to teach full-time? I can imagine all the risks, time, effort, and energy to
bring attract prospective students and honing your craft/skill.

Taking the first step is always scary. Perhaps I want to do something small first: (1) being
comfortable in putting myself in the community to publicize myself and my skills, (2) being
consistent and keep practicing to becoming better and (3) teach part-time or as substitute

Even if I volunteer to teach for free, it would not be a waste – practise wisdom and
experience would help in moulding me into a better yogi. And you know what? Maybe a
prenatal yoga course is my next goal……and I’ve got my eye on that $2000 singing crystal


200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21