What’s Yoga for me #06 #NANA

After I went through this YTT course, I became more spiritual. Before
this, for me yoga was something letting go, it could be my negative
emotion, tiredness, the tensions of my body. It still the same though,
I found I can also review myself through yoga.

Because I learned how chakras affect our body and mind, the concept of
Dosha, Gunas, karma etc… In these learning process, I’ve had a very
good opportunity to look myself out of the window like reconsidering
myself through the ayurvedic knowledge as a tool. Yoga for me used to
be the exit way to let the negativity go away. Now It became also the
mirror that I can see myself. It might sound too metaphorical

And personally, I believe the law of attraction. How they capture
this universe by it and what I learned yoga theory class are quite
similar. In the law of attraction, when I thank the universe, and the
universe bounces back to me the good vibes. I linked this philosophy
and yoga. The more I know of yoga, the more I can thank the universe.
Ultimately, yoga for me is to see myself/ talk to my body and mind/ be
mindful, and let the negativity go away, thank the universe. I feel
this process gets me closer to the universe.