Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows.

When I was in the second or third week into my YTT, I learned the simple but powerful concept of having the right gazing point in a posture.

To begin with, I think I am someone who tend to get distracted easily. There were many times while doing asanas, I caught myself with eyes wandering around the room. I must admit, I found it difficult to stay in a pose because I could not concentrate and the muscles were starting to burn and I just could not hold any longer.

As I started learning and practicing drishti, and tuned in to my breath, it has helped me to build awareness inwards. I was able to heighten my concentration level and focus on achieving the goal of the posture and I was also able to draw my attention away from the burning muscles. It is like training for the mind.

I also found that drishti helps with alignment of the posture. When gazing at the right point, your body would kind of automatically flow into the correct position. A eureka moment came to me when I was practicing bakasana. I was already in position and had my mind on trying to lift my feet, so I kept looking at my feet and trying to lift it but I kept tipping over or dropping back. My teacher Jessica caught me doing that and instructed me to look forward, and my feet were able to float off the mat. I was so happy!

Contrary to how simple it sounds – focusing on one point, I really still have much to work on because I do have a bad habit of wandering eyes. I have to spend that extra 2 or 3 seconds to remind and prep myself to look at the right place each time before going into any arm balance or inversion otherwise I would not be able to do it. I look forward to the day that all these good practices will become second nature to me.





IG: @yoga.with.joy

14 May 2018