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Which style of Yoga are you?

I was exposed to Yoga very young because Yoga was everywhere in India. I saw the likes of my uncles and my father do it in the 1980s while I was growing up in Kolkata, India. And then I was sent to the Yoga school myself where I first learned 10 static Yoga postures, hold them each 10 breathes each before I did my favorite Asana, the Savasana. I now know this style of Yoga as the traditional style called the Hatha Yoga.

Little did I know, much later in life I will be exposed to a wider variety of Yoga. I grew up, migrated to Singapore with my parents as a kid, traveled around the world and made many friends from all corners of our planet. My views on fitness and lifestyle changed as I grew. And so did Yoga. It traveled around the world and became globalized. It also found many friends who iterated, innovated and formed different styles of Yoga such as Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Iyengar Yoga.

It is the 21st century, the year 2017. Social media is hot, fitness instructors share their tips and tricks freely on the Internet and anybody can begin to start taking control of their fitness by just looking at simple Instagram infographics or YouTube videos. Some of my friends are also looking towards Yoga not just for fitness, but for the spiritual side of things.

With so many styles, which one should we start with? Which ones should we try out? I have listed below a flow chart style Q&A to ask ourselves about what Yoga style we would like to try out. Feel free to start with any beginner Yoga class in your neighborhood, and then try out different styles. Eventually, you will gravitate to one or a few styles. Sometimes the style of Yoga might even depend on how you are feeling that day! No matter what, go with what you love, what suits you and have fun doing it!

Sayanee, YTT June – August 2018