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Why i Stuck Through with Yoga – Pei Xuan (6/6)

I’ve tried sticking to many different styles of exercises and workouts, like HIIT, Pilates, Tabata, Swimming, Running, Gyming etc., all these switched up at different periods of my life; But none of them stuck with me like yoga did.

Yoga started out as home practice for me. For years, i followed youtube videos, and watched teachers from screens flowing through their cues and sequences (this is also probably why when someone asks me how long i’ve been doing yoga…i don’t really have a clear answer! heheh! I also never dared attempt any inversions until a year-ish back when i started going for classes!) I always found myself craving for a good flow after a HIIT workout when I felt stress from work or school — because I just needed something to ease my mind. Listening to my own breath and flowing through vinyasas and ~flowy~ sequences just seem to cast my worries away and keeps my thoughts from straying.

I remember the time when I was so stressed out during school some late night in my dorm room i just started searching on youtube for “yoga for anxiety” haha! I believe what got me hooked onto yoga is the mental aspect that isn’t present in other sports, or rather, isn’t as emphasized as it is in yoga.

Sure, HIIT requires tons of mind & body endurance to get through the tough workout (think mountain climbers..crunches..burpees…star jumps..) but it doesn’t bring me the sense of peace I get from practicing yoga. I’ve cut back so much on my HIIT, incorporating more Yoga practices and it has honestly made me feel so much better mentally and physically — in fact, after doing so i actually feel stronger than i have ever felt.

Yoga has become an integral in my life and it’s no longer something i use, to complement the workouts that i do — it has become the main source of fuel to keep me sane as i go about my days.

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