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Why I took up the Yoga Teacher Training Program

June 2015

I have always been physically active. I used to represent the volleyball team in junior college, participate the tennis club in the university, signed up the gym membership when I entered the workforce.

Three years ago, I joined Real Yoga and started practicing yoga, as I wanted to slim down, look good and feel good physically. I was obsessed with hot yoga because I would sweat buckets with an hour of yoga class. It felt like I burned more calories than running or struggling at some gym cardio classes.

After two years with Real Yoga, I discontinued my membership with them. All the downward dog and arm balances did toned me up but I noticed broader shoulders and chunkier arms. I did not like how I look, as I preferred the slim and slender figure.

Ironically, I decided to embark on the yogic journey in June 2015. It didn’t just happened out of the blue; I felt I had to do something more meaningful with my life. I was a little fitness obsessed to look good but I missed the most important element that looking good comes from within. Apart from being active, the mind and spirit play more important roles to bring the glow in us, which eventually makes us look good, healthy and radiant.

Yoga teaches us how to find balance, to become self-aware and to overcome our boundaries.

The asana practice during the training used to be dreadful, but as I progressed every week, I became more aware of my improvement and it encouraged me to become better each time. Every lesson was very fulfilling and I am glad I made the choice to commit to this 200-hour yoga teacher training.

I have been told before that sacrifices have to be made to be successful. With the moral support from my family and loved ones, there is no better reason to miss this opportunity.

I hope to spread the goodness of yoga to the like-minded people.