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Xueting: Be aware that it’s a Progress

I’ve always been a get-things-done type of person.
Well, now I know in Yoga I’m half Pitta, half Vata.

So when I started this YTT, I treated more like a personal side project. Wanna check this box
off the list. 200 YTT, done. Something like that. Hopefully, I will know what’s the correct way
to practice each pose, won’t hurt myself and even miraculously cure my bulging disc.
But as I go through the training. I realize that the class itself is really only the beginning. 100
hours of practicing in the studio are really only the beginning. It gave you a chance to
observe your own body and others. It gave you a test of your physical limit for 3 hours of
practice. But that’s far away to make you become a Yoga master, flying into advance poses
like the falling angel or handstand.

Both your mind and body still have a long way to go. And there’s no shortcut, the only way to
get myself there is keep practicing, day in and day out, morning and before bed. Do it 100
times, do it 1000 times. And slowing we will see the progress.

Feb’20 Weekend YTT