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Xueting: Savasana during Circuit Break

Today is the 1st of May.
We are halfway through the 2-month circuit break. From 7 Apr to 3 Jun.
I would like to share some personal feelings to the team, so I wrote this short sawasava
script, hope you can find some comfort as I did. Here it goes:

Lie down in a comfortable position, resting your arms by your sides, when you’re ready,
close your eyes. Take a deep inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth, one
more time, deep inhale, and exhale through the mouth.

Bring your attention inward, allowing your body to relax.
Take a few more breaths in and out, long deep breath, letting go of any stress or tension
With each breath you take, allow yourself to sink deeper to the mat, now gently shift our
focus to our body, thank your body for all its hard work today. It’s been a long week, trust your body will get fully charged and start an energetic Monday

Thank your families for being loving and supportive during this pandemic.
Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend who’s probably fighting the working space with you
during the day time, but always holding you close into the sleep.
Or maybe your parents who’s been doing lots of cooking and baking recently, feed you all
the time, or probably call you 5 times a week just to check-in
Or maybe your lovely dog and cat who’s always been by your side, just gaze at you with
their big naive eyes.
Thank your friends, classmates, and teachers from this YTT. We’ve learned so much from
each other, and we’ve discovered a whole new self.

Utilize all these stay at home time, to clear your mind, to bond with your loved ones, to read
a good book, to form a new healthy habit.

Let’s all stay strong, stay positive in this special chapter of history.

Feb’20 Weekend YTT