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Yan Han – discipline/creativity (3/6)

YTT has worked our minds and bodies h a r d.

Everyone’s physical practice is different. We have different body types, strengths and weaknesses, goals and intentions. The YTT emphasises the importance of discipline in your physical practice. Getting the alignment and engagement right instead of just falling into the shapes. Letting go of the ego. Like squaring the hips instead of splaying them open without engagement just so I can do a full split. It takes so much discipline and humility.

As we learn about sequencing flows for classes (or personal practice), there is plenty of room for creativity. I’ve never really thought about mindfully sequencing poses for my personal practice, because who’s looking right? It’s just me and my body must be fine with anything I make it do. I now have a newfound appreciation for clever/creative/purposeful yoga flows, and I pay more attention to the sequencing in yoga classes or online videos I watch. The possibilities are endless! In yoga there are so many ways you can move. You gain awareness of your limits, but also discover strengths and range of motion that you never thought you had.