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Yan Han – unlearn, relearn (2/6)

I didn’t think that I would ever take 3 hours to complete one sun salutation. But even after that 3 instructive hours (and counting) of breaking down each pose and breath, there’s so much to work on. There’s always something to work on.

YTT is where we are taught to be teachers, but in yoga there is always something to learn and improve on, and we are always students. We’re always a work in progress. The means is the end.

The first few sessions were humbling and enlightening, as we sought to unlearn habits that do not serve our bodies well. We went back to basics. Continuously adjusting and re-aligning ourselves physically and mentally in each pose was pretty tiring, but gradually I found myself being able to focus better and (almost) instinctively know what I should adjust (yay small steps to greater body awareness).

We also started to get a taste of what it means to be a yoga instructor, having to lead the class in sun salutations (in Sanskrit!!). I now have a greater appreciation for the wonderful yoga instructors who make it all seem so effortless. Teaching makes one a better student too.