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Yanhan (5/6) Teaching

We have reached THAT point in our YTT journey – actually teaching a full one-hour yoga class. The class sequence, delivery, students’ safety are all entirely up to us. It’s actually quite funny how most, if not all, of us freak out over this part of the YTT the most although it is pretty much the essence of a YTT. For me, the anxiety stems a lot from a sense of insecurity, wanting to make all the class attendees happy. What if I’m not good enough / what if someone doesn’t enjoy my sequence / what if I don’t know how to adjust someone correctly / what if I say the wrong thing?!? Cue Jess’ wise words (applicable to teaching yoga and life): you can’t please everyone. Just do you. Everyone is different. In a yoga class, the teaching/learning goes both ways for students and ‘teachers’ alike. I love that The Yoga Mandala provides us with the space to explore, make mistakes, grow and figure out what (teaching) yoga means to us and how we hope to share our practice with others. My first time leading a yoga class was quite liberating. I was so nervous at the start and replayed in my head how I would deliver the cues for the various poses… but as the class went on, I was just happy to share with others what I knew from my personal experience with yoga. It is truly uplifting to think that sharing about yoga has perhaps, helped me make a tiny difference in someone’s day.