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Yanhan (6/6) Thankful

The best thing about TYM teachers is that they care. For every single student. They share in your triumphs and tribulations. TYM is not just a studio that runs great yoga classes, it provides a safe and friendly community and space for everyone to practise. They make you want to be a better person!!
I thought YTT would give me some kind of yoga-related epiphany or breakthrough. Well I still cannot magically roll up into a pincha or handstand. But I’ve become more aware, controlled and contented in my practice. As someone who’s been trained to be results-driven, this is a breakthrough. My practice is now less about being able to achieve specific poses but more about being intuitive and doing what feels good and right for me. Yoga has gone beyond being just a form of exercise for me; it is also a source of comfort and challenge. It helps me rebalance and seek my centre both on and off the mat. Throwback to one of the early theory classes when we discussed how yoga is about the unification of the mind, body and soul. I think perhaps I’m getting a better idea of what that means, and for that I’m thankful.