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Yin Yin Post #6: Last Few Week of YTT

I can’t believe the weeks have flown by. I am writing this blog post with just a few weeks of
YTT left and I am so grateful for everything that I have learned from my experience:

  • Getting up at 8am on the weekends is possible and can be enjoyable. When I
    started YTT, I was most nervous about getting up at 8am on Saturday and Sunday. I
    was afraid of what I would have to sacrifice from my personal life. However, I was
    surprised to find out that I ended up enjoying the structure and the consistency that it
    has brought me. Even though I still go out over the weekends, I don’t let it stop me
    from having a good workout and lesson the next day.
  • Be Observant and Empathetic: Observant and empathetic teachers make better
    teachers. Being observant helps me to understand others’ bodies, stay mindful of
    their strengths/weaknesses, and tailor poses to best suit their needs.
  • Communicate the “why”: It’s not enough just to be observant. It’s also important as
    teachers for us to communicate to the students why we’re doing certain poses. It’s
    our role to guide the students and show them the importance of key poses to help
    them deepen their practice.
  • The teachers here keep it real: Jess and Alexis, the two teachers that we interacted
    with the most during our YTT are very open with feedback. This is so good as you’re
    learning because you know immediately what you need to work on and what you’re
    good at.
  • Don’t Eat Too Much Before You Practice Your Poses
  • : Eating too much makes
    you sick. I learned the hard way.
    Overall, I’m so glad I took the course with Jessica at Yoga Mandala. The studio gave me the
    flexibility to pursue this interest of mine over the weekends. I am also very satisfied with the
    quality of teaching and the care that Jessica demonstrates towards her students. Her
    instructions are super detailed and she was always so much fun and made us laugh. Would
    highly recommend this course for anyone considering to pursue 200YTT.

Ou Yin Yin
July’19 Weekend YTT