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Yoga and your body

I have always wondered why I turned to yoga instinctively, particularly whenever I am feeling down, stressed or closed in. After learning about the anatomy of the body, I have a more scientific explanation now (compared to an emotive just because! whenever people asked me why I’m so into yoga in the past). So, by deep breathing – it balances PH levels in the blood and calms the mind. By twisting, the organs around the abdominal regions are massaged, stimulating the digestive system and eliminating toxins from the body. By strengthening the core, it helps spine mobility and stability. So many benefits, and you wonder why I love this part of my life.

This brings me to the story of my hunchback (also called kyphosis). I was already 167cm when I was in primary five, and couple that with heavyweight bags and long sitting hours, you get a kid stuck with a pretty severe hunchback through a decade of study. Before I started yoga, I frequently get comments on the roundness of my upper back and concerns for my spinal health. Not including how poor posture had an impact on others perception of your sense of confidence. After I got cajoled into doing yoga by a good friend, through a series of back strengthening poses and heart openers in particular, I found the nagging ache in my back improving and even standing upright more accessible. Even though it is still work in progress now (it has been more than 5 years), I have gained a even better understanding of the spine anatomy through the YTT and hopefully, one day, through willpower, rectify one decade worth of bad posture.

Let us all continue to practice with compassion and intention. Namaste.

Si Pei