Yoga is Love

As we come to the end of our YTT, waves of emotions just keep overflowing in my heart. Looking back on the past month, where I was and where I am now, mentally, emotionally and physically, I have grown tremendously. We all have.

In this short span of 1 month, I’ve stepped out of comfort zones, broke barriers and achieved breakthroughs! I have learned to be grounded, learned endurance, build up self awareness, became stronger and more flexible, practiced self-love and love for others, widen my perspective, gained a little more confidence and along the way, made wonderful new friends who are working towards the same goal and are ever so supportive, and full of love for each other.

Moving forward, I plan to continue this life-long yoga practice to be a better practitioner, and at the same time start looking for opportunities to teach yoga, so that I may spread the same love that was given to me through yoga.

Yoga is not just exercise; Yoga is love. I’m so glad I found yoga through The Yoga Mandala. <3