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Yoga is the feeling not a destination 

Social media may have distorted so many views of our reality, from our perception of success to the illusion of the perfect life. We spend so much time thinking of living we forget to live. There is an over excess of things we ‘need’ to acquire, destinations we should see, even yoga poses that we want to perfect.

Before YTT I would not have thought I would be able to do “crazy” Asanas like Pincha Mayurasana, headstands etc. Yet, I did! Even after having accomplished these seemingly impossible goals, yoga still felt best when I could learn to hold foundation pose longer through my breath.

With consistency and self-belief, anything is possible, but we should also learn to enjoy the process and not be too obsessed with succeeding. Although it is fun to experiment and push our malleable bodies to ends of what seems impossible, yoga is all about the feeling to truly be present in moments of our short lives. To love the people we love, consume less, and experience more.

200 Hour YTT Oct’20