3/6 Yoga journey has been finished half – by Nancy

I have almost done half of yoga journey, still painful and joyful. On last Saturday, every student must teach a warm up poses for neck, chest or wrist. I was thinking hard, finally a pose in my mind. I gave my English instruction, I knew it was quite weird, because I was stumbling to do so, sometimes I need to jungle the way between Chinese and English. I felt very bad and stressful. I really worked hard for it, but it was not one day to achieve. When I returned back to my mat, I was frustrated, I was telling myself while Yoga practice was going on, “Am I torturing myself to take up Yoga YTT? Why don’t you just do your daily work, and take care of your family and kids? Why make yourself so tiring?” I knew that was negative thought, which was not good for me to continue. During the lunch time, I shared my feeling with my classmates, after our conversation, I felt better. I think everybody will encounter difficulties, I will work on my weakness and overcome it.

The key point I have learnt during last week should be Skeletal System, finally I found the reason why I could not make myself stable when I do Ardha Chandrasana or Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana, my feet easily supinated. I also knew I have a little bit of bow legged and knock knees. This lesson is to let us know more about our body, during the practice, you will bring your awareness to that body part.

I enjoy the class with teacher Nicole and Jessica, and appreciate their care, humour and knowledge to impart to us. As well as my dear classmates of sharing and the camaraderie among us to make the class more fun and interesting.