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CP: Yoga Journey

10 years ago, my sister had found a yoga class in my hometown and she asking me to go with her.
And, my yoga journey beginning.

I remember I vomited for my very first time of yoga class because of the posture of rolling forward and
backward to massage the spine.

Honestly, I’m not enjoying for my first yoga class due to the vomit experience.
However, I still attending the yoga class with poor attendance!

After 2yrs of passive attendance, I came to Singapore to continue my career, to earn my 2.5 currency
exchange rate. I have stopped for yoga around 2 years, and rejoined the corporate yoga after my
colleague help me to slot in the lunch hour yoga, it is really difficult to queue for the lunch hour yoga.
But unfortunately, I stopped lunch hour yoga again after a year due to the busy workload.
Thus, I decided to signup a fitness center which have few classes of yoga, pilate, stretching fit as I have
lower back pain. I know for sure, yoga can help me on this.

And yes! It is really help me to overcome the lower back pain problem, I started to be more discipline to
attend the yoga class.

RYT200 Aug’20 Weekend