Yoga Meditation (Yoga Nidra)

I am so glad that I am sharing my experience on Yoga Nidra after a few session because simply base on my first Yoga Nidra, my perspective would have been a very different one.

Learning about Dosha, 3 Gunas, Nadis, Chakras and 8 Limbs of Yoga has significantly affected the way I think throughout this course. It made me reflected the way I live life and how I want to live my life, my strength and my weaknesses. Acknowledging and opening up to people about your weaknesses is difficult. I actually do that a lot because I like to speak up my mind and share my thoughts but sometimes after sharing I hate myself for doing it. Acknowledging some of my chronic habits for the longest time but haven’t been able to change them, my research allow me to tap into meditation. Read up so many benefits of meditation, how it helps improve a persons’ life, plenty of blogs written by individual about their gain from meditation inevitably allow me to set an expectation of what I want and hope to gain from meditating.

Yoga Nidra 6 Steps:
1. Physical preparation
2. Breathing preparation
3. Physical relaxation
4. Mental relaxation
5. Spiritual relaxation
6. Coming out

My first Yoga Nidra was not very pleasant. Despite being brief what is Yoga Nidra and the 6 steps, was still not familiar with the details and instructions. My mind tend to drift off and thus missing some of the instructions for step 1-3 during the meditation. For one moment I focus to relax my mind and I was feeling it but when I close my eyes and concentrate, I see patterns, nothing bright but so much movements scared me. I guess I was thinking too hard or searching too hard for an answer. While my classmates shared their insight of Yoga Nidra I thought to myself what is wrong with me again. I put pressure on myself and did not achieve what I want out of meditation.

This morning Yoga Nidra was a different experience! I set no expectation, not hoping for random enlightenment, except to relax and take this time to rest and I felt so much better this time. I followed through the instructions, I did not fidget and I was relaxed so overall it was a good experience.

As to whether meditation will help me be a better person and improve my life. I have to do it regularly and be patient.

Thank you my lovely classmates for conducting Yoga Nidra. 🙂