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Yoga Nidra – the perfect reboot

After learning about Yoga Nidra in week 4, I’ve had a few opportunities to practice it on my own. I’ve found that it is a good substitute for a nap.

So what is yoga nidra? A common example is savasana, ‘corpse pose’ which is the final pose in yoga where you lay down and relax with the lights off. However, Yoga Nidra is more than just laying on your back with your eyes closed. It is when the body is asleep, but the mind is awake and relaxed. To get into yoga nidra you let your body grow heavy bit by bit, starting at the feet and moving upward to the crown of the head. Once the body is completely relaxed, you calm and empty the mind.

This stage between awake and asleep is a time when the mind and body are in optimum healing mode. I encourage everyone to practice some yoga nidra next time you need a quick boost!

– M Elaine