yoga nidra

Have you ever suffered from anxiety, insomnia or depression? Your mind is constantly on anxiety/panic mode? Unable to focus on daily task or go to sleep? Keep asking yourself questions like “Why is life so difficult? Why are people so complicated? What am I doing with my life? How can I be happy if I can’t earn a lot of money? Why am I selling my life for money? Why is everyone looking soulless? What is happening to this world? What is my life purpose? FML!”

Or simply waking up in the middle of he night for no reason or being afraid that for some reason your alarm didn’t go off and you are late for work? even after you double confirmed you did set the alarm the night before and your phone is charging?

Yoga Nidra relaxes the mind and body, helping to get more quality sleep. Just a guideline, based on my fit bit sleep monitoring (not sure how accurate this is), with an average of 7 hrs of sleep time, I used to only have about an hr or less of deep sleep (the time when your body repairs/rejuvenates itself) every night. After practicing yoga nidra, I could get up to an average of 2.5 hrs of deep sleep. *fyi, You aren’t suppose to go into sleep when doing yoga nidra, your mind should still be awake, it’s like meditation*

I still don’t have answers to the above questions. However, with better quality sleep, I wake up feeling more refreshed and able to be present in the moment instead of letting my mind wonder off to the abyss of life toughest questions. Learning to just let go, take control of my mind and let life take its own course.