Yoga: not love at first sight

I grew up as the girl with asthma and was not at all athletic as a child. I met a group of friends at work that were into running and was drag to being more active and i felt so good about myself.

One day my sister said that her company provided free gym at shangrila manila and this benefit can be extended to me. So we went to the gym and I was completely lost at the equipments. That time yoga was not so popular where i lived in manila or at least i knew nothing about it. I was quite flexible as a kid and i felt sore from the recent running, so i went in and try. I was pretty excited as I love trying out new things.

The room was quite dim and there was only one other student. The class started and the teacher went instructing poses and the other student started moving around following the teacher fluidly. It was so fast and i did my best to not look like a complete noob but I could not keep up. The teacher did not talk to me, ask me anything nor adjusted me. I don’t think she even looked at me and it was as if i was not in the room. I was completed lost at what i remembered to be a flow class and i remember lying down in the cold room at the end of the class. After then, the student and instructor were talking to each other and i was still invisible.

My second class was the opposite, I moved to Singapore and wanted to get back into fitness after a year of being stagnant. I wanted to move and reduce the increasing waist line. I signed up for 10 sessions basic yoga at the Community center in front of my house. The class was not expensive and it was only once a week commitment so why not.

Class starts at 8 pm so i thought ill go home from work and i will have just enough time to eat then go to yoga. Great plan? Not quite. I went into class and there were about 30 students mostly older than me. I enjoyed the class because the instructor did break down the details of poses and i love following rules like that. The instructor was nice and i remember wondering how she can tell the next pose when it was too confusing for me. I now know that i was actually doing sun salutation. I don’t remember the rest of the poses but it just felt good.

I went home and oops, i felt that something was not right. Something from my belly to my chest to my throat. I threw up immediately and that was a day to remember.

My first two classes were so memorable that I still remember the experience and feeling after a few years.
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