Yoga Sutra 2 – by Joyce Tan 300hr Ashtanga YTT March Weekday 2017

As I continue to read, I find that there are quite interesting stories and I really do like the part where they talk about life but interpret it in a yoga way. How you approach yoga, should reflects on how you approach life as a person. This is probably why I grew to like yoga. It’s much more than just about working out. It gives me bit of dilemma as well because I wish more people could see this side of yoga, which is what makes yoga as yoga to begin with; but most people are just practising it as a form of exercise. Not to say it is a bad thing as it’s a start. I just felt like I want to help people with what I understand, and how yoga has helped me not just to be stronger physically and mentally but to become a better person. It’s interesting how much yoga can train you. It’s definitely a life long journey.

I think learning yoga should be a humbling experience. It is important on how we approach the practise itself. It has definitely helped me in many ways. I think I can only thank my mentors who are honest and sincere in their approach. I appreciate the energy being brought to class each day.