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Yoga – the elixir of youth and beauty: Weiying

It’s no secret that exercise gives you that rosy glow, and generates endorphins that make you feel happy and look the best version of yourself. But I believe yoga is one of the few practices out there that gives you a head to toe makeover, both inside and out. I have not been doing yoga long enough to witness its profound effects, but I do have an inkling of what yoga may offer in the long run: 


  1. Redness in cheeks – forget the blusher, do inversions and forward folds. They’re bound to get your blood pumping happily from the bottom of your feet all the way to the crown of your head. That dullness in your complexion will slowly dissipate with regular practice. 


  1. Confidence – incorporate advanced poses / progressions into your daily practice. The confidence you get from surmounting these poses will give you all the confidence you need. You will begin to find a sense of grounding within yourself, believing in your own abilities and striving to scale higher mountains at each turn. And there’s nothing more attractive than someone with confidence. 


  1. Posture – Need I say more on this? So many poses in yoga reminds us to stretch the spine; we extend it, rotate it, side bend it. Definitely helps with a healthy posture. 


  1. Major detox – doing yoga without the air conditioning on is a sure fire way to get yourself dripping with sweat, bringing with it all the toxins drawn from your body, leaving you cleansed and healthy. 


Yoga – one of the best makeup there ever is.


Disclaimer: The opinions stated do not represent that of Yoga Mandala, they are gathered from my experiences alone.


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