Yoga-this, a post dedicated to my partners-in-crime. (Han Xiang)

Sometimes life’s a real bitch.

Just when you’re starting to get used to something you initially found painful, you have to let it go.

Just when you’ve started to warm up a freezing train seat on a cold rainy day, you have reached your destination.

Just when you’re starting to grow comfortable in a job, you need to switch jobs.

Just when you’re starting to enjoy growing old with your life partner, you’re, well, old and are going to die. Sorry, just being honest, albeit brutally.

Just when you’re starting to become really really attached to your yoga teacher training teacher and classmates and truly being yourself and training feels somehow less taxing now because you’re kind of used to it, it’s coming to




Next week is our teaching week.

And here’s a shout out to you sweeties – Annie, Cheryl, Cherlyn, Joan, Na Yeong and Patricia :

Stay strong, stay confident and be you, because simply being you is the best asana. Ever.

YogaThis. You-got-this. Get it get it? Too lame for you?

Oh well, as usual. 😀


Han Xiang