YTT Teaching Week

YTT teaching week has come to a close and it has been the most memorable week of them all. Firstly, I don’t think I have ever subjected my body to such a level of physical intensity. I clocked 20 hours of yoga classes in the past 5 days, from attending my YTT classmates’ classes. Definitely a record!

Secondly, it was definitely an experience having my friends come into The Yoga Mandala and teaching them yoga. My first class was just to my YTT classmates and one close friend, who had prior yoga experience, so I set the class at an intermediate level.

For my second and third classes however, I had more of my friends come in to attend the classes and even though I knew them all personally, somehow it made me really nervous! I still remember Jessica asking me before my third class (which had the most of my friends attending) why I was nervous. I said it was because I knew my friends had come down to support me and I wanted to give them the best class I could.

It was also my first time teaching to beginners, which I found more difficult to teach than to advanced practitioners as you really have to break down each pose to its very fundamentals. It was a huge test of my teaching skills and I had to remember and give all the verbal adjustments for each pose and ensure that they were doing them correctly. At the same time, you have to be patient, and not get frustrated when the students do not get what you’re trying to say.

Teaching week was a very memorable week for me and I am so appreciative to everyone that had attended my class. It made me feel very loved knowing that there were so many friends that wanted to support me in my yoga journey and it has definitely inspired me to be a better instructor!