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YTT200Hr Journal Week 1

Firstly, big thank you to Jessica and Alexis for helping me on this excruciating Week 1 of strength building, and also raising self-awareness of our body.

I am so amazed by the daily exercises that Jessica introduced to us, for working out the individual specific body muscles! It was so long overdue. Painful, but so worth it.

It also truly helps that the studio is bustling with positive and great energy, especially to my forgiving yogi practitioners alongside in the same class as me. (pushes me to up my stamina somehow)

These are the intricacies that one cannot get whilst studio hopping, or “Vinyasa-ing” over lives away.

One thing that struck me greatly was the notion of how much i love “going with the flow” and “practicing what makes me feel good” vs. how i can become better by “being in control and committed” to my yoga practice. So much to act upon in the latter.

It’s scary how i used to be able to flow into Half Moon so easily, but once the correction of alignment is set in place in each asanas, i’m all tied up and no longer able to flow.

Mind-blowing too, is the fact that as far as 2000 years ago (estimated time when Patanjali’s Sutra was written), humans have been on a quest for happiness and consciousness. I mean that would be more than 200 lives or lifetimes, that the quest first started … over-assuming a very healthy average life expectancy of a 100 years.

Perhaps, it was reading about B.K. Iyengar the night before Friday’s Pranayama practice that struck yet another chord very unexpectedly. Grandpa, a very self-righteous man, who never practiced yoga, but taught his children and grandchildren “his unique self-learned exercise poses” which seemed so ever similar to the Warrior poses. Not sure how and why the sudden waves of emotion hit, but it did. (Noting the similarity of 2 grandfatherly figures.)

Namaste ….

P.S. need a recap of steps for some of the exercises! Hope we get a run through when we have time again!