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ytt200hr journal week 2

Second week of YTT with a continuous 5-day practice was a true test to my stamina. Geez! Another thing, that I lack terribly.

Luckily, the pure joy of standing back on the mat and the ever-optimistic guru in Jess kept me going.

It really cannot be helped, that i was feeling very much like a hot mess in the cranky humid weather amidst daily practice and endless reno touch-ups and home deliveries to catch up on BUT ….. BUT! I grew fonder and fonder of our YTT sequence day in and day out. Also, the interesting theory topics kept me going.

In particular, spending the extra time to clarify the art of class sequencing! It was all too deceivingly easy.

Stand, Seat, Prone, Supine and Inversion structure vs. the hatha and vinyasa style sequences, against understanding the alignment of our chakras and how each asana activates them. Plus, the need to introduce asanas sequentially so that they lead to final poses. Now, I finally understand why sometimes I feel extra good coming out from certain classes! Those definitely worked the body energy upwards.

I also recall a strange random attempt in attending a Chakra Workshop many years ago, where the people hummed Bija mantras for a good 3 hours and miraculously fixed my ear pain (unintentionally). Serious, after i Shavasana-ed, and crept onto my right side … i saw a twenty-cent piece of thick dried black skin on the mat. Viola, no more ear pain! I believed it actually dropped out from my ear.

So, AUM away those muscle pains and that slight pinch on the right elbow. I will be looking after it. Promise.

Namaste …