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ytt200hr journal week 3

Week 3 zipped through right by too quickly.


I truly treasured the time we had to practice mindful yoga and having Jessica correct my alignments, especially after learning about the skeletal scoliosis and kyphosis, i did feel a little more in-tuned with the body. Despite moments of frustrations from the bi-polar left leg v.s. right leg, there was a general sense of calmness.


I think all the love in the studio really helped build that calmness …. by Day 5 this week, i finally got it! How it feels to be inverted and still safe and secure, all at the same time. So, Y-A-a-Y-s!! A-U-M and keep practicing!! Muscles, let’s buck up ok?!


Another thing that really sticks with me is the realization of what a level 99999999 Yoga Teacher requires ….

To be FIRM yet GENTLE (?)This was particularly, demonstrated when we were learning on physical adjustments.

In truth, shouldn’t this simple principle be practiced by all, across all walks of life?


Namaste …