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ytt200hr journal week 4

Another intense intense week, flying by all too quickly … it’s only Thursday and come Monday, we will all be teaching 3 classes each!! Oh My, we are all so excited!


I cannot believe that just 3 weeks ago, my thoughts of turning up in class everyday was … “Be the best student you want to meet.”


Over the past few days … it has changed and has now become ” Be the best teacher you want to meet.”


The level of details to be shared in a class, the sequential thinking of how to get into each “comfortable and easy pose”, the pace, the counting, the touch even, how to adjust each alignment right! And ooooohhhh, the Sanskrit! The tone of voice!


Okay, too much !! is an indication of the nerves.


Dear fellow classmates, i have learnt much from each of you this Week 4. I can’t believe YTT is coming to an end so soon.


And yes, even though … 14 rounds of Surya Namaskar every morning is starting to get weary, i know i will miss this time dearly in time to come. Practicing with sweaty, dedicated, like-minded yogis and all your energy with so much love! Where else can I find it?


Thank you for cheering me on into the inversions, something, i didn’t even dare dream of in the beginning. Now, i am practicing.


I look forward to being in your classes next week.


Namaste ….