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ytt200hr Journal Week 5 (final)

It has been an incredibly, incredibly amazing day at The Yoga Mandala today.

I think our “Mommy”, our “Principal”, our “Lady Boss” has some superhero powers – that really crystallizes yoga practice in all noobs and/or advanced practitioners of yoga.

Having been given the space for free play to conduct our own sequences over the past few days, many of us were coming to the very last class today, and had managed to get a hang of defining, refining our unique teaching styles individually.

Although the process to get there was super draining, man! It was also really “trans-formative” as what my fellow batch-mate said. The leash of emotions felt super surreal upon that realization. The senses stimulation, from the E.O., the genuine workout, and her loving words of encouragement. All our chakras were activated, and the stars were all aligned.

Our “Shifu” has special powers to make it all happen, on this very special day.

There was so much contentment and peace, and grace that I witnessed, as we took part in her surprise birthday party.

Then, by the time it was my turn to deliver …. i threw it my all-in, recalling what i loved about her classes and almost “died” in me trying to deliver the same, to my wonderful friends who showed up on their mats today.
It was so liberating to be able to share what truly mattered to me, with my beloved girlfriends and cousin. And also, to the supportive friends.

Tmr, with an asana exam and a theory exam, marks the end of YTT200hr.

Will life be the same again? I doubt so … as long as I keep “practicing” the 8 Limbs of Yoga (or at least the first 3) and genuinely believe in the mantra – Mind Over Body.

I hope our batch mates will somehow keep in touch, even though we all come from different parts of the world, and a few are super busy mommies who hardly have time for themselves.

I hope my newfound little yoga community will remain loving, genuine and strong always.

Thank you, Jess … thank you, Alexis! Truly …