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ytt200hr journal week5

It’s only the second day of Week 5. And once again I am experiencing new things, new feelings all in the body, soul and mind. (brand new muscles too)

I was really looking forward to this week, to sitting in each of my yogi teacher trainees classes.
True enough, it proved to be really really diverse, fun! Inspiring, and even joyful!
Even as i was preparing to teach my very first debut class, I was so crazy creative after a having a great Monday of 4 very different classes.

Planning was tiring but fun.

Teaching for the first time though, was S-u-p-e-r H-u-m-b-l-i-n-g.
Watching people sweat as I dish instructions … genuinely a first time for me. Some nerves there.

In my over excitement, i did not abide by the golden rule of creating equal no. of asanas in each sequence (big boo).

Getting my right and left sorted out and being distracted by mirrors, however, seems to be the bane of my life.

Haaaa … time to work on it.


Well at least, now I know what’s next to work on, even after this YTT ends. Being sincerely clear at dishing instructions.