Yuming, week 1

12th mid night I came back from Beijing, 13th morning my 200YTT with The yoga Mandala started.

I didn’t feel ready but my worries were unnecessary as Jessica knows exactly what to do with each participant’s condition.

First weeks’ class, the Paranayama, the Surya Namaskar n the meaning of yoga.

To many it may sounds easy n simple, but trust me, it’s never easy when u try to do everything in the most correct way! Not to mention the most basic is the most important!

I have practiced yoga for almost 4 years now and sometime I don’t feel right in certain poses or even get injured from it, n now with the efforts to start from very basic, doing every alignment right n prepare every pose step by step, with the evidently progress I’ve made, I more than ever realize the importance of learning how n why, rather then just rush into it.
This is also the fundamental knowledge for a good yoga teacher!

Looking forward to week2!