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Yvonne – Letting go (3/6)

I wrote about the high you feel when you’re in the full expression of an inversion, but I didn’t write about the frustrations and pain (mentally, emotionally, physically) that comes along when you’re chasing it.

We are full steam ahead on inversions now, some of us attempting pincha or headstands for the first time while others are working on improving their alignment.

For inversions, other than the fact that you have to be physically strong to go into the pose, you also have to be mentally prepared to go up. In my opinion, the mental aspect is just as important, and I hate to admit but I am severely lacking in that department.

I felt so much frustration when my leg just won’t float up even though it felt like I am so close to getting there. I felt the same when Jess came to encourage me to try a handstand and I fumbled around like a bag of potatoes.

It’s a mental and emotional block that everyone in their yoga journey will feel at some point in their life. I would like to let go of that, and also to remind myself and everyone else that this is perfectly normal.

Reminder to self: Let go of the fear and embrace the possibilities of what my mind and body is capable of achieving.