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Yvonne – Tuck, tuck, tuck (1/6)

TUCK – summary of my first 3 weekends of YTT.

I recall how that simple instruction of tucking in the ribs and the tailbone made “simple” poses soooo much harder. I left the studio after week 1 thinking that was the hardest sun salutation I’ve ever done!

This is a very common habit for most people I believe, which affects the execution of even the most basic asanas (tadasana, your sitting poses, even downward dog). Made me wonder how many people in the world are “doing” yoga by just fitting into the shape, not really engaging your core and end up indirectly injuring themselves?

But the first step is always awareness.

Of course, I occasionally fall back into my comfort zone when I’m tired from the practice, but instead of being overly harsh on myself, I learnt to recognise my improvement instead and that’s what’s most important.