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Yvonne – Weightless (2/6)

We began our short instruction moments in class in Week 4 and my mind felt weightless as it was my turn to begin.

I’ve always felt like my inexperience is insufficient to bring people into the poses especially when there are so many experienced yogis in the class. I’m really glad that my batch of YTT mates are always so encouraging, there really wasn’t anything to worry about and for once my nerves didn’t act up even though this is akin to public speaking!

It was really enjoyable to look around the room and see the alignment of everyone, and going through what (in my opinion) are good and what can be improved.

We also started on inversions. This is second in line of my most dreaded yoga asanas (behind backbends).

What if I fall and break my neck? What if I vomit my breakfast while being upside down???

Jess came over to assist all of us individually, to help us to get our legs up or to help us find the line.
Felt like a dopamine kick honestly – it was a new sensation which never in my life would I have thought inversions would feel like.

The moment when my body felt the line…