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ZMao – Awareness (2/6)

We are crooked souls trying to stay up straight

Dry eyes in the pouring rain where

The shadow proves the sunshine

The shadow proves the sunshine

– Switchfoot


I think the biggest takeaway from this YTT has been building awareness. Since day 1, Jessica has been leading us to identify areas where we have deviated from the midline and to bring us back to it. Till this YTT, I have never thought of myself as being unable to stand straight. But with awareness, the little things become magnified. That head tilt to the right, that rotated hip in tadasana and ardho muka swanasana, that flared ribs in almost all asanas and those hunched shoulders. Standing up straight and tall takes effort. For almost all of us. Because, as Jess says, we are all crooked in some way.


And this is where what applies on the mat also applies in life. Learning about the spine and about the body, I have realised that we truly all are crooked souls trying to stay up straight. Whether on the mat, whether in life, there is something that we are working on. As a pitta-dominant person, I have learned to take a step back from each immediate reaction. On the mat, building mindfulness to ensure that the ribs are tucked. Off the mat, observing others for their dry eyes in the pouring rain.


May I be more aware of the shadows; that I may know the sunshine.