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ZMao – Courage (4/6)

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get where you’ve always gotten.


The truth is that progress and growth come when we venture outside our comfort zone. If we continue to do things the way we have always done them, we will end up with the same results that we always have gotten. And this is why for my fourth post, I am writing about courage. Courage to explore outside the confines of what we know and what we are familiar with. Whether it is walking on your hands, or standing up to speak in front of an audience, or tucking your ribs. We have to practice something new, in order to go further.


Courage is the flip side of fear. Fear clams you up and makes you hug inwards. With courage you can expand, expand to grow taller. Courage is the root that steadies you, the tree, to allow your branches and leaves to reach up to the sky.


Where is the source of courage? Yes, the answer in yoga is always the same. A steady breath. With each inhale, breathing in courage. With each exhale, letting go of fear.